Heat Exchange Institute: More than 80 Years of Industrial Standards

Ranga Nadig is president of Maarky Thermal Systems, which is based in New Jersey. The company provides steam surface condensers, feedwater heaters, and heat exchangers – as well as consulting services to power plants worldwide. Maarky Thermal Systems is recognized worldwide for its innovative and reliable equipment designs. The company was recently invited to join the condenser section of the Heat Exchange Institute, one of the frontrunners in developing industry standards.

Since 1933, the Heat Exchange Institute has been helping to organize and represent North American manufacturers who own manufacturing facilities or are responsible for the manufacturing of products that meet the organization’s requirements. As the Institute grew, it created a set of standards to guide manufacturers.

One of these standards applies to steam surface condensers. The performance of power plants employing wet cooling is strongly dependent on the performance of the steam surface condenser. HEI standards for steam surface condensers include guielines for thermal and mechanical design that ensures structural integrity and reliable performance.


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