Feedwater Heaters by Maarky Thermal Systems

Feedwater Heaters pic
Feedwater Heaters
Image: maarky.com

Led by company president Ranga Nadig, Maarky Thermal Systems serves power plants worldwide and designs advanced equipment for heat transfer systems from its headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Maarky Thermal Systems is also a supplier of feedwater heaters to the power industry.

Feedwater heaters designed by the company offer reliable and efficient performance. The absence of cross flow velocities in the desuperheating zone minimizes the pressure drop and the incidence of flow induced vibration. Optimized spacing of baffles in the subcooling zone maximizes the heat transfer coefficient while restricting the pressure drop to specified limits. The heaters internals include design features to offer improved performance and structure integrity.

Heaters are designed for steam turbine applications from 10MW – 1,000 MW and for a wide ranging configuration included but not limited to two tube pass, four tube pass, one zone, two zone, three zone, horizontal, vertical channel up, vertical channel down and duplex heaters.

For more information about Maarky Thermal System’s feedwater heaters and other products, visit the company’s website at maarky.com/products.


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