Power Plant Feedwater Heaters with Maarky Thermal Systems

Maarky Thermal Systems Image: maarky.com
Maarky Thermal Systems
Image: maarky.com


New Jersey’s Maarky Thermal Systems develops and manufactures an array of heat transfer equipment for power plants all over the world. Under the guidance of president Dr. Ranga Nadig, Maarky Thermal Systems has excelled in the provision of various feedwater heating units.

The purpose of a feedwater heater is to provide a power plant with efficient, regenerative feedwater heating – a critical component when it comes to maximizing a plant’s power cycle. Feedwater heating systems can be broken down into three general categories – low pressure, intermediate, and high pressure heaters. Furthermore, plant managers can select from a variety of heater designs in order to best meet their plant’s needs, such as horizontal or vertical heaters or heaters with various channel closure options, including hemi head, pressure seal, and welded diaphragm bolted covers.

Low pressure feedwater heaters typically feature both a condensing zone and a subcooling zone. High pressure feedwater heaters typically feature a third desuperheating zone. All heaters are designed to minimize shellside pressure drop and eliminate incidence of tube vibration. To learn more about the various models of feedwater heaters, visit www.maarky.com.


6th International India Oil and Gas Pipeline Conference – April 2017

 International India Oil and Gas Pipeline Conference pic
International India Oil and Gas Pipeline Conference
Image: asme.org

Maarky Thermal Systems operates out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Under the leadership of president Ranga Nadig, the company provides a variety of heat transfer equipment and services. Maarky Thermal Systems belongs to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), which will host the 6th International India Oil and Gas Pipeline Conference (IOGPC) in April 2017.

A nonprofit event designed by engineers for engineers, the conference serves as a forum for the transfer of best practices and standards and fosters technical exchange among key corporate players in the onshore pipe industry. The two-day event will welcome industry leaders, engineering professionals, and policy makers from across the world to engage in an assortment of learning opportunities. It will also explore a myriad of industry issues while examining the necessary priorities to keep the industry moving forward.

The technical program at IOGPC will focus on sharing knowledge and inspiring new technologies in the India and international oil and gas transmissions industries. It will include four technical tracks and a panel discussion highlighting the challenges in the pipeline industry. Furthermore, the conference will feature an exhibition hall, speeches from keynote speakers, and presentations of select technical papers chosen from among professional submissions.

Members of ASME’s India chapter in cooperation with global members of the ASME Pipeline Systems Division established the IOGPC, which will take place in Mumbai, India, April 20 through April 22, 2017.