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Engineering Positions at Maarky Thermal Systems

Led by Dr.Ranga Nadig, Maarky Thermal Systems offers a wide variety of power plant equipment and services. Maarky Thermal Systems serves an international client base, and specializes in heat exchange technologies including steam generators, superheaters, and molten salt heat exchangers.

Maarky employs a number of engineering professionals to facilitate its support of power plants around the world. The firm’s engineers lead the thermal, mechanical, structural, hydraulic design of transfer equipment. They leverage the concepts of prevaling industry codes such as ASME Code, FLUENT, and ANSYS to develop state of the art designs for steam surface condensers, feedwater heaters and heat exchangers. The firm’s application engineers collaborate with its sales team to prepare complete and competitive client proposals and secure contracts.

Maarky’s project engineers oversee the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of its products. All components are benchmarked in the fabrication shop to ensure proper alignment and fitup at the jobsite. The project engineers are assited by a talented mechanical design team that prepares detailed 3-D and 2-D drawings to assist the client in product integration in the power plant and faciliate quality fabrication at the manufacturign facility.